Is F-RAY technology owned by BEYOUNG?

No, it is not. “Moire” effect is one sort of light phenomenon and large scale interference patterns that can be produced when an opaque ruled pattern with transparent gaps is overlaid on another similar pattern. F-RAY applied this principle.

What is exclusive BEYOUNG technology?

BEYOUNG has developed optimised diagnostic equipment for skin, namely F-RAY by application of Moire pattern, one sort of natural phenomenon. Our distinctive technology are set out below:
A Moire effect is considered as shadow phenomenon. BEYOUNG developed optimized equipment for skin diagnosis applied above phenomenon and our developed technology set out below. Firstly, available to control Moire pattern. Modifying spaces and number of lines, it is designed to view contour lines more clearly and precisely.
Secondly, removal horizontal lines. To generate Moire effect, filter must be located close to the subject, and it is inevitable to avoid appearance of horizontal lines. BEYOUNG possess the technology enabled to remove lines.
Thirdly, applied our exclusive technology as a refined equipment. All of technologies are on patent-pending.

How can I upgrade the F-RAY?

F-RAY is designed to add varied functions after purchase from the beginning. And we will offer additional functions at a reasonable price without buying new product. (software upgrade included)

How can I purchase the F-RAY?

If you want to purchase the F-RAY, please call at +82 9131 6559 or email to We will be reply shortly, so please don’t hesitate for asking anything you want to know.

Do you have any more questions?
You can contact us.